Il Centro Studi Levi-Cases ha approvato (2/12/2019) il finanziamento del progetto Energy poverty and transition towards zero emission, presentato da Paola Valbonesi, Chiara D’Alpaos, Michele De Carli, Arturo Lorenzoni e Francesco Lisi. Il finanziamento di 60.000,00€ e’ stato erogato a fronte della partecipazione ad un bando competitivo.

Abstract del progetto
Investigations on the redistributive effect from energy policies to support transition towards zero emission are scarce.
This research project aims to close the gap and it does with a focus on the Italian building and transport sectors. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach, with a research team of economists, engineers and statisticians cooperating together to investigate:
1) how vulnerable consumers are actively (can be) involved in scenarios for transition towards zero emissions;
2) the effect of previous incentives for building efficiency and purchasing less polluting car in Italy, and their adoption by vulnerable consumers;
3) a new approach to study the willingness to pay for the adoption/purchase of such new technologies for energy efficiency consumptions in buildings and cars.
We expect our results will be of interest for the design of discriminatory transition policies – addressed to specific group of consumers and, in so doing, more effective – which could thus result economically, socially and politically sustainable. In particular, we aim to provide a novel methodology to support actions of co-projecting building efficiency for social and public housing.

“Energy poverty and transition towards zero emission”: nuovo progetto di ricerca