The 1st Report of the Italian Observatory on Energy Poverty (OIPE) has just been presented, aroused great interest, during the conference “Energy Poverty in Italy: how to measure it and how to fight it?” (Milan 4 June 2019 at the ARERA headquarters).

Experts from universities, companies and the social sector confronted each other by defining the current scenarios  of energy poverty and paying particular attention to the tools to combat it.

Energy poverty is a phenomenon with a very significant impact that, in Italy alone, affects 2.2 million families.

Speakers included representatives of the Levi-Cases Study Center, Bank of Italy, Banco dell’energia, Aisfor, Fondazione Di Vittorio, Fratello Sole, Acer Reggio Emilia, ARERA.

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Article “Energy poverty: 2.2 million families suffer from the increase in bills” (Il Bo live, 4 June 2019)

OIPE by Luciano Lavecchia


Banco dell’energia Onlus


Fondazione Di Vittorio di Serena Rugiero

Fratello Sole

ACER di Marco Corradi

1st OIPE Report on Energy Poverty in Italy