The Observatory carries out research, information and dissemination activities on the issues of energy poverty, at national and international level.

It produces and disseminates research, data and good practices on energy poverty in order to measure it, monitor it and contribute to combating it.

Organizes seminars and conferences to discuss and share topics and new scenarios on energy poverty and define effective enforcement actions. 

It connects national and international experts – who work in universities, research institutions, government agencies, and social regulatory authorities – to encourage the development of new studies on this topic.

It stimulates the team work of researchers who are members of the Observatory, also facilitating access to funding opportunities for research on energy poverty issues. OIPE collaborates with the EU Energy Poverty Observatory – (EPOV).

Activities 2019

During 2019 the Observatory has scheduled:

  • OIPE opening conference (June 4, Milan, Palazzo delle Stelline)
  • Follow up of the integrated energy and climate plan
  • Drafting of the 1st report on energy poverty in Italy (May 2019)
  • Research Workshop (October 2019)
  • Definition of the research program for 2020