The Italian Observatory on Energy Poverty (OIPE) is a network of researchers from universities, public and private entities and institutions interested in the subject of energy poverty. OIPE is hosted by the Interdepartmental Centre of the University of Padova “Giorgio Levi Cases” for Energy Economics and Technology.

The Observatory is chaired by prof. Paola Valbonesi (University of Padova), assisted by an executive committee, and its members are researchers, professors and experts from different Italian institutions.


The Observatory in february 2024 comprises members from various institutions:

  • Italian universities (Brescia, Bocconi, Bologna, Calabria, Cattolica, IMT Lucca, Florence, Napoli Federico II, Palermo, Padova, Politecnico di Milano, Turin, Tuscia, Trieste).
  • Foreign universities (Institute for Research in Technology (IIT), Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid; EFPL LESO-PB, Lausanne, Université Côte d’Azur, Nice).
  • Research centers (ENEA, Di Vittorio Foundation, Bruno Leoni Institute, GSE, RSE).
  • Public institutions (ARERA, ACER Reggio Emilia, Bank of Italy, EURAC, ISTAT, MASE).
  • Third sector organizations (the “Porta Aperta” association in Modena, the Volunteer Services Center in Padova, Lanza Foundation in Padova, Fratello Sole).
  • Private entities (AISFOR, Next Energy Consumer, SOGESCA, Salvini and Soci Legal Firm).
Here a short bio (in Italian) for each member.