Repository di video prodotti dall’Energy poverty advisory hub (EPAH)

  1. EPAH – Health effects of energy poverty: Local initiatives from Ireland and Portugal:
  2. Energy Poverty Advisory Hub technical assistance on health implications: Ireland and Portugal:
  3. EPAH technical assistance – National viewpoint: Stocktaking at energy poverty in Poland:
  4. EPAH technical assistance – Summer energy poverty: Local level approaches:
  5. Energy Poverty Advisory Hub technical assistances: The case of Valencia and Milan:
  6. EPAH – Expert view: Experiences working with small municipalities on energy poverty in Cyprus:
  7. Vulnerable groups: Why does energy poverty affect particularly people with disabilities?:
  8. EPAH – Expert view: Significant challenge for organisations working with vulnerable consumers:
  9. EPAH – Expert view: What skills are necessary for combatting energy poverty:
  10. EPAH – National viewpoint: Energy poverty in Poland:
  11. Energy poverty definition: Why did you use the term energy precariousness?:
  12. EPAH – Working with small islands – Challenges and opportunities of interisland collaboration:
  13. EPAH – National viewpoint: Energy poverty in Greece:
  14. EPAH technical assistances: Success story of collaboration and engagement:
  15. EPAH – Multi-apartment buildings: Challenges faced for tackling energy poverty:
  16. EPAH – Multi-apartment buildings: Targeted subsidies as a measure for tackling energy poverty:
  17. EPAH – Expert view: Behavioural change activities to tackle energy poverty. Is it enough?
  18. EPAH technical assistances: Sharing experiences from Besancon, France:

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